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I've recieved a great deal of mail about the 'Piranha' sequence article and I want to post some of it here. Most of the responses have been favorable towards the existence of the famed 'piranha' scene. Those who've claimed to have seen the sequence did so in either South or Latin America. Perhaps the only uncut print was released in these territories?
Despite naysayers I'm even more convinced now that the seen was indeed shot, edited and released.

BIG NEWS: Grindhousing releasing has informed me that they will be re-releasing cH to theatre's in the US, with an uncut print. They claim their print contains a very 'big surprise'.... hmmmm.... could it be?



Hello there----

While I personally have nothing to offer to this speculation on wether
the scene ever existed or not, I can tell you this.....about five years ago I
mentioned in passing to a co-worker that I had purchased a copy of "Cannibal
Holocaust" through a mail-order service.....to my utter surprise, he seemed
to think for a moment before excitedly remembering seeing the film in a
theatre in Panama sometime around 1980 when he was stationed there as a
member of the Canal Guard. He was not a horror or exploitation fan and not
very well versed in knowledge of these films, but he remembered two scenes
specfically. The first was the adultery punishment scene near the beginning,
and the second was the pirhana attack scene. After reading your article, I
asked him again about the movie, and he was pretty adamant that the scene was
in the film......your guess is as good as mine, but I think it proves your
theory that the scene did exist at one point, and has become missing due to
any number of reasons.....



I had come across your excellent feature on cannibal holocaust in
search of information on its soundtrack. After reading your thoughts on
the infamous Piranha scene i thought i would drop you a line. This
discussion seems to surface on alt.horror quite a bit, and at one point
someone had said (i have long since lost the actual msg) that after an
conducting an interview with deodato they had watched his original film
print and he explained that the reason the scene was never filmed was
because the underwated camera was malfunctioning and when the tried the
scene the prop pirahnas which had attached to one of the actors leg
looked too fake so he decided to forget the entire segment.

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