V'Dor 2000: Jewish Education/Technology
V'DOR 2000: Jewish Education and Technology

As we head into the Millennium we as Jewish educators must utilize and, in many senses, embrace the technology that is changing the face of communication. Schools no longer exist as lone institutions, but have become units of a larger educational whole. Students today are inundated with information, from computers, the internet, television and movies. We as educators must find a way to utilize these tools of communication to teach our students. As the world heads quickly into a digital future, we as Jewish educators must be at the forefront (lest we be left behind.)
This site will serve as a waystation, or a guide, for educators seeking online material. I will review and rate sites of importance to Jewish educators and students.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments at:

Site reviews:


A great resource for Educators, JESNA has a website devoted to cirriculum and material development. Educators can browse through various essays and articles relating to the "hows" and "whys" of introducing technology into the classroom. Specific information is given regarding assesment and development proceedures.
The entries are run with Adobe Acrobat, which you must down load from Adobe.
A well done site, easily navigated and easy to use.


Battat has a great, though simple, site that provides 'surfers' with an easily navigated space devoted to resources and articles. The site features a great PRINCE OF EGYPT materials page, some recommended readings, reading for families and information on family trips to Israel.
The Battat resource center has an online catalog of 3,000 videotapes and many, many books. The most exciting section is the on-line curriculum page with lesson plans (including 'Midrash', and 'Purim') and tips and links.
A great site with mucho information.


This adult education organization has a nifty site with decent graphics and some entertaining quips. Teh 'classroom' contains some curriculum and on-linme study courses (free for all). Kolel offers a course entitled " Tastiest Torah Treats" which is a culinary-cum-literature look at Torah, with side 'plates'. A good site for those out looking for something ineteresting, but not so much for educators.


This is a beautiful web-site for the "women's Zionist organization". They offer an on-line study course entitled "Jewish Women Facing the Challenge". Those interested can visit the site of order the course at 1-800-880-9455.


The Jewish High Tech Community is a site devoted to those Jews working in the depths of Silicon valley. The site offers resources for Jewish High Tech professionals and essentially a meeting place for those looking for a Jewish community in the web of the high tech world. The site has links, job postings and dates of meetings and lectures. An exciting place to visist for those interested.

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