V'DOR 2000: JEWISH EDUCATION AND THE NEXT MILLENIUM This site is designed to be a forum for the review and discussion of Jewish Education websites and their relation to, and use of, technology. AS we near the millennium, education must adapt to the current technological changes. We no longer live in a world where communication is difficult, we no longer live in a world where a text must be retrieved in a book format. No, today all the information a student could need is in their PC. We, as Jewish educators, must utilize the formidable capacities of the internet. By creating an on line classroom, a virtual community, we can better educate our young students. The days of the isolated students and the single teacher are over. Now a student is inundated with massive amounts of information, from television, from newspapers and from the internet. As Jews, who have survived through numerous ‘communication’ problems, we must readily embrace the coming millennium and the technology it holds. Rather then be left behind as relics of a forgotten age, let us bring Judaism into the 21st century with leaps and bounds. This site is specifically designed to give Jewish educators a taste of the many sites and sources of information.